I appreciate the relationship that I have with everyone at Andromeda. When I call everyone knows me whether it’s the receptionist, Help Desk, the techs, Tony (my Account Manager), or the owners. Everyone is always friendly and responsive. I know whenever I need something the Andromeda staff will work until it is resolved...

I always remember that Tony told me ‘for every door that is locked, there is a key’. This gave me piece of mind with our transition to a new server, Windows 7 upgrades, and Office 2013. I felt confident that even if a bump came up your staff would find a way to resolve it, and Tony, as my Account Manager, would oversee everything to make sure it went smoothly.

Your knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service is what puts you ahead of other vendors!"

Deanna Willow Falls Senior Living Community

Andromeda does not give up on resolving client issues that may be challenging to client or to yourselves. Your personnel work as a team with each other and with each person in our office. Your responsiveness to issues/situations for client are timely.

My bottom line is that you do not make excuses and you follow through.

Sister MJ Sisters of St. Francis

I had a great experience working with (one of your HelpDesk people) this morning. I had an issue I forwarded...and he responded by phone within 10 minutes. He was incredibly professional, resolved the issue quickly and most important to me, communicated very clearly what was happening throughout the process.

I had a couple of additional, but minor issues that he noticed and while we were on the phone, he also resolved those. I was so impressed.

Customer service was way above par, and he is an outstanding rep. for the quality of Andromeda services.


Barb CYC

Hi! You know that I truly love every Andromeda tech that works with us. We all do.

I just want to put in a special word for (our current Andromeda phone tech). He is such a rock star...He is doing good work for you guys, but he is also helping us with suggestions and brainstorming. He has offered to come in to the Halsted office at 5am to do the noisy low-voltage wiring work.

He is continuing the Andromeda tradition of extra-ordinary service."

Meg T&C

OMG, I can not imagine life without your company. You guys are GREAT. This week has been a really rough one, and you and your staff have made it so easy...my new Best Friends.

Thanks for checking in...

Anna ProgressiveCare

We had a server problem last week. I wanted to express my thanks for the work...the team did to get us up and running. Everyone was quick to react, isolated the problem and gave multiple ideas to fix...

I could not be more happy and impressed with the service Andromeda provided during this difficult situation. Thanks again, and I look forward to many years working with your company.

Tom Circle Tractor